Administering Exams for Large Classes

Administrating exams for a large class with multiple sections and a couple of hundred students is not an easy task. Any serious instructor would want to randomize student seating to avoid cheating and many top universities even require exams to be adminstered that way. However, most universities do not offer the kind of administrative support to faculty members. Therefore, instructors have to either spend a lot of time creating these files manually or will lower their standards by not randomizing seating order.

Reading Recommendations for Aspiring Finance Students

My students frequently ask me which books to read to get a better understanding of finance in general or to prepare for a post-secondary career in finance. My answer is usually get a subscription to The Economist. It is often not an easy read, as many articles assume a comprehensive understanding of financial and economic concepts. Don’t be intimidated by this - you will start to understand more and more as you learn more about finance.

Emailing your Instructor

Many students have told me that they feel uncomfortable when having to write an email to their professors/instructors. There is really no reason for that. Here are a few basic rules. If you follow them, you surely won’t get in trouble and increase your chance of getting your desired outcome, i.e. an answer to your question, a meeting scheduled, etc. (Almost all of these rules equally apply in a corporate setting!